This lists off the twelve different dragonmark houses, and what their powers are. Some claim there was a thirteenth dragonmark house which possessed the Mark of Death, but if such a thing once existed, someone must have gone to great effort to try to wipe out every trace of it.

Having a dragonmark implies that you belong to a dragonmark house and are descended from someone else with that same dragonmark (though the reverse isn’t true — probably 20% of the people in a house have a dragonmark, with least:lesser:greater in a 100:10:1 ratio). If you have a dragonmark, you can always get a job via the house if you want one, although what job it is will depend on your personal talents as well as the power of the mark (House Sivis will pay someone with the Mark of Scribing a gold piece a day to sit in a room in some village in the middle of nowhere every day and transcribe and pass on any messages that come in).

From a game-mechanics perspective, there are three dragonmark feats to take. You must take the earlier ones before taking the later ones. Each one lets the character use a certain spell as a spell-like ability at a certain caster level. Many dragonmarks list a few choices for spells; in this case, you have to pick one when you take the feat and can’t cast the others. Like any spell-like ability, the DC for powers which allow saves is 10 + the character’s charisma modifier + the spell level. Conveniently, dragonmarks may manifest at different times in different people’s lives, so you’re not required to take the feat at 1st level.

Least dragonmark: This feat can be taken at 1st level. The character uses all their dragonmark powers at a caster level of 1 + their level (if any) in the dragonmark heir prestige class.
Lesser dragonmark: This feat can be taken at 6th level. The character can use their least dragonmark power one additional time per day. The character uses all their dragonmark powers at a caster level of 6 + their level (if any) in the dragonmark heir prestige class.
Greater dragonmark: This feat can be taken at 9th level. The character can use their least and lesser dragonmark powers one additional time per day each. The character uses all their dragonmark powers at a caster level of 10 + their level (if any) in the dragonmark heir prestige class.
Mark of Detection: The half-elves of House Medani run the Warning Guild, which offers services relating to personal protection and detection. They act as scouts, food-tasters, sentries and detectives.

Least Mark: detect magic 2/day or detect poison 2/day; +2 to Spot checks
Lesser Mark: detect scrying 1/day or see invisibility 1/day
Greater Mark: true seeing 1/day

Mark of Finding: The humans and half-orcs of House Tharashk run the Finders Guild, which offers services relating to location and retrieval. They act as prospectors, bounty hunters, and investigators.

Least Mark: identify 1/day, know direction 2/day, or locate object 1/day; +2 to Search checks
Lesser Mark: helping hand 1/day or locate creature 1/day
Greater Mark: find the path 1/day

Mark of Handling: The humans of House Vadalis run the Handlers Guild, which offers services relating to animal breeding, training, and animal byproducts. They act as ranchers, breeders, coachmen, trainers, tanners, and so on.

Least Mark: calm animals 1/day, charm animal 1/day, or speak with animals 1/day; +2 to Handle Animal checks
Lesser Mark: dominate animal 1/day or greater magic fang 1/day
Greater Mark: animal growth 1/day or summon nature’s ally V 1/day

Mark of Healing: The halflings of House Jorasco run the Healers Guild, which offers curative services of all kinds. They run hospices across the continent, and have a sideline in alchemy.

Least Mark: cure light wounds 1/day or lesser restoration 1/day; +2 to Heal checks
Lesser Mark: cure serious wounds 1/day, neutralize poison 1/day, remove disease 1/day, or restoration 1/day
Greater Mark: heal 1/day

Mark of Hospitality: The halflings of House Ghallanda run the Hostelers Guild, which covers inns, hotels, restaurant managers, chefs, and so on.

Least Mark: purify food and drink 2/day, prestidigitation 2/day, or unseen servant 1/day; +2 to Diplomacy checks
Lesser Mark: create food and water 1/day or secure shelter 1/day
Greater Mark: hero’s feast 1/day or mage’s magnificent mansion 1/day

Mark of Making: The humans of House Cannith run the Tinkers Guild, members of which tend to be nomadic and offer services relating to repair. House Cannith also runs the Fabricators Guild, one of the most powerful guilds on Khorvaire, which creates and improves new items rather than repairing old ones. They act as architects, construction supervisors, and craftspeople of all types.

Least Mark: make whole 1/day, mending 2/day, or repair light damage (like cure light wounds, but for constructs) 1/day; +2 to Craft checks
Lesser Mark: minor creation 1/day or repair serious damage 1/day
Greater Mark: fabricate 1/day or major creation 1/day

Mark of Passage: The humans of House Orien run the Couriers Guild, which delivers messages all across Khorvaire, and the Transportation Guild, which delivers people — this latter oversees the Lightning Rail and more mundane caravans.

Least Mark: expeditious retreat 1/day, mount 1/day, or dimension leap 1/day (teleport yourself up to 10 feet per level); +2 to Survival checks
Lesser Mark: dimension door 1/day or phantom steed 1/day
Greater Mark: overland flight 1/day or teleport 1/day

Mark of Scribing: The gnomes of House Sivis run the Speakers Guild, which offers services relating to translation, mediation, and long-distance real-time communication. They also run the Notaries Guild, which both certifies documents and helps secure them. They generally work in banks, libraries, and governments.

Least Mark: arcane mark 2/day, comprehend languages 1/day, or whispering wind 1/day; +2 to Decipher Script checks
Lesser Mark: illusory script 1/day, secret page 1/day, or tongues 1/day
Greater Mark: sending 1/day

Mark of Sentinel: The humans of House Deneith run the Blademarks Guild, which provides mercenary services, and the Defenders Guild, which offers comprehensive bodyguard services. Control of the Blademarks Guild made Deneith extremely powerful during the Last War.

Least Mark: mage armor 1/day, protection from arrows 1/day, shield of faith 1/day, or shield other 1/day; +2 to Sense Motive checks
Lesser Mark: protection from energy 1/day or lesser globe of invulnerability 1/day
Greater Mark: globe of invulnerability 1/day

Mark of Shadow: Elves with the Mark of Shadow actually fall under two houses, House Phiarlan and House Thuranni. The split is more for political reasons than practical ones — probably schizophrenia caused by trying to sell spying services to every country involved in the war at once led to internal conflict over what was best for the House. Members of both Houses have the same powers, and act as entertainers, storytellers, musicians, acrobats, spies, and information brokers, given that those with the mark have powers relating to both divination and illusion.

Least Mark: darkness 1/day, disguise self 1/day, or minor image 1/day; +2 to Gather Information checks
Lesser Mark: clairaudience/clairvoyance 1/day, shadow conjuration 1/day, or scrying 1/day
Greater Mark: mislead 1/day, prying eyes 1/day, or shadow walk 1/day

Mark of Storm: The half-elves of House Lyrandar run the Windwrights Guild, which dominations transportion over sea and sky, and the Raincallers Guild, which provides vital services to farmers. Their mark gives them power over winds and weather.

Least Mark: endure elements 1/day, fog cloud 1/day, or gust of wind 1/day; +2 to Balance checks
Lesser Mark: sleet storm 1/day, wind’s favor 1/day (create a 30mph wind in a 10×10×100-foot volume, for 1 hour/level), or wind wall 1/day
Greater Mark: control winds 1/day or control weather 1/day

Mark of Warding: The dwarves of House Kundarak control the Warding Guild, which offers secure keeping of items and protection for the home. They work as bankers, guards, security consultants, and locksmiths.

Least Mark: alarm 1/day, arcane lock 1/day, firetrap 1/day, or misdirection 1/day; +2 to Search checks
Lesser Mark: explosive runes 1/day, glyph of warding 1/day, or nondetection 1/day
Greater Mark: mage’s faithful hound 1/day, greater glyph of warding 1/day, or guards and wards 1/day

Aberrant Marks: A very few people are born with an aberrant mark, that belongs to no recognized house. This is generally caused by marked members of two houses having a child, and is frowned on by those who have heard of it (most people haven’t, although there was a nasty war about it centuries ago). Usually people with aberrant marks don’t belong to a dragonmark house, though it’s possible, as long as they haven’t manifested a “real” dragonmark.

Aberrant Mark: burning hands 1/day, cause fear 1/day, charm person 1/day, chill touch 1/day, detect secret doors 1/day, feather fall 1/day, inflict light wounds 1/day, jump 1/day, light 1/day, pass without trace 1/day, produce flame 1/day, shield 1/day, or floating disk 1/day

Aberrant marks act like normal dragonmarks, mechanically. They cost a feat which can be taken at first level. There is no “lesser” or “greater” version of an aberrant dragonmark. Races which can’t have a normal dragonmark can’t have an aberrant mark. Unlike normal dragonmarks, the caster level for an aberrant mark is equal to half the character’s level, not a fixed number.


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